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  • Tile and grout restoration
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Permanent fabric protection
  • Protects carpets and furniture from stain and sun fade
  • Re-Caulking and Re-grouting
  • Natural stone cleaning and sealing
  • Oriental rug cleaning and stain protection
  • Residential and commercial services

Super Service Award 4 Years in a Row!

2013 Angie's List Award
2014 Angie's List Award
2016 Angie's List Award

Super Service Award 4 Years in a Row!

2013 Angie's List Award
2014 Angie's List Award
2015 Angie's List Award
2016 Angie's List Award

Carpet Cleaning Charlottesville VA

Grout & Carpet Wizards is a professional, full service tile, grout, carpet, and upholstery cleaning and restoration business serving the greater Charlottesville area. We have been in business for over 10 years and are the most respected surface cleaners and restorers in the city. We are trained in both residential and commercial surface restoration techniques.

Grout & Carpet Wizards is the leader in the floor restoration business. We want you to be confident that when you have Grout & Carpet Wizards doing the job, you will get experience, professionalism and a great price. But don't just take our word on it; take the hundreds of satisfied Grout & Carpet Wizards customers throughout Central Virginia, including Keswick Hall, Boar's Head Inn, and the University of Virginia.

DON'T REPLACE - RESTORE. Let us make your surface problems vanish! Most jobs can be completed in one day. See a full list of our grout, tile, and carpet services.


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“Angelo Jennings, the owner of Grout Wizard, is the vendor we use for all our caulking and grouting needs. He has done an outstanding job on all assigned projects.”

- Keswick Hall

“The difference in the restroom floors is unbelievable. The tile and grout almost look brand new considering they are over 20 years old...we felt it was money well spent.”

- University of Virginia

“I appreciate the fact that you scheduled the job promptly, arrived on time and finished within hours, and left everything in pristine order. We were very pleased with the result...”

- Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Landes

Using the Safest Environment Products on the Market

Using the Safest environmental product on the market. It's not toxic to aquatic life, each of the organic ingredients in the product as used exhibits ready biodegradability in accordance with the OECD definition, and does not contain prohibited ingredients. Trashed Green Label meets established environmental profiles for removal of at least 80% of the particulate soil (ASTM) D4488-95, A5, is non toxic to humans, does not contain any ingredients that are carcinogens or that are known to cause reproductive toxicity, is not corrosive to the skin or eyes, is not a skin sensitizer, as tested by the OECD Guidelines for Testing Chemicals, Section 406, is not combustible, does not contain substances that contribute significantly to the production of photochemical smog, tropospheric ozone, or poor indoor-air quality, and meets established volatile organic content (VOC) limits

Best Carpet Cleaning Solution in Charlottesville

Carpet Cleaning Equipment Charlottesville

After cleaning carpets for more than 10 years in the Charlottesville area Grout & Carpet Wizard has proven to be your go to company for all your carpet cleaning needs. We have invested in the best equipment available for carpet care which allows us to produce the most consistent hot water extraction your carpets have ever seen.

Why is this important might be running thru your mind right now, so let me clear it up for you. I assume that you are looking to have your carpets cleaned either because they look dirty or you are wanting to extend the life of your carpet. To do this, we need to physically remove the dirt from your carpet not push it deeper down into your carpet like a lot of other methods out there.

Here is a simple explanation on how our system is the preferred way to have your carpets cleaned in order to keep them looking their best and last a long time.

  1. We spray safe, no-toxic, environmentally friendly products on your carpet. This will loosen the dirt, grease and other stuff from your carpet.
  2. Then we use a specifically designed wand that will inject hot to further loosen and clean and then quickly suck up the water & dirt up out of your carpet and from your house.

Because this method removes the dirt and water so quickly, over 95% of the liquids that are used to clean your carpets are gone within seconds of being applied. The end result is faster drying carpets, NO chemical residue, and you no longer have to live with the dirt, pollens, and dust mites that have been call your carpet home sense your last cleaning.

Why Choose Grout & Carpet Wizards?


Grout & Carpet Wizards promises outstanding results every time and guarantees our work. We use modern technology and restoration systems to make your surfaces shine.


Expect no less than absolute professional service from Grout & Carpet Wizards. We want to give you the most outstanding service experience ever!


We have served the central Virginia area with our flooring restoration services for over 10 years. All of our technicians are trained and continually attend seminars and conferences to stay up-to-date with the industry.



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